Story design

Our story design will tell your story in a way that enables you to reach your objectives. Using story design, we will unfold your vision in the most compelling way possible. Inject your individual story into your appearance, presentations, films, illustrations, publications, and overall brand.


Engage the emotions of your audience in keynotes, sales meetings and employee events. Don’t simply talk about your knowledge – transfer it effectively using presentations that will capture your audience through animated stories.


Film brings stories to life by connecting with the audience. We help our clients incorporate films to artfully transport images, pilot a reputation, spark attention and generate emotions.  

Brand Design

Brands need focus, a profile and positioning; they need character – today more than ever. By designing and conveying your brand as a story, you will capture your audience and never release it. We can help your brand earn its place in your customers’ hearts.


A well-targeted and designed publication is impactful and valuable. It can be animated digitally, allowing for a diverse sensory experience. We design corporate communications, magazines, factsheets and books.